CNC Programmer

CNC PRogrammerAs a CNC Programmer, your primary job is to ensure the timely, accurate coordination and completion of all project tasks associated with the programming, assembly drawings and any other drawing, detailing or bills of materials associated with production

Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Generate flat panel programs for CNC manufacturing from shop drawings using CAD software and Excel spreadsheets
  • Generate assembly drawings as necessary to successfully communicate intentions and directions to production
  • Generate fab tickets for all brake metal work
  • Review, finalize, and release bill of materials
  • Coordinate and instruct production on any special packaging or shipping instructions
  • Revise shop drawings if necessary with any changes occurring during the programming process
  • Release complete and accurate production release packets to production

CNC Programmers are performance oriented and able to prioritize projects with attention to detail. Do you think a career at Metal Design Systems as a CNC Programmer is the right fit? To apply, please proceed to our Programming Assessment. Please allow approximately an hour for this assessment. After completing the Programming Assessment please proceed to the Project Details Assessment. Additionally, you will be required to upload your resume.

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