As a Designer, your main function is to produce CAD files with the design intent for the specified project. You will be converting point cloud data into models, taking models and applying system components to develop manufactured parts and assemblies. Designers at Metal Design Systems have a desire and the ability to push innovation, using concept development or process improvements.

Detailed Responsibilities: 

  • Performs the following project tasks as directed:
    • Participating in meetings related to project processes
    • Creates 3D model procuring specific information
    • Utilizing MDSI Exact+Site™ 3D Laser Scan
    • Maximize material yield specific to project, maximizing Bill of Material
    • Ensure accuracy of the model and shops
    • Produce shop drawings fully describing the project
    • Drawing revisions as necessary
    • Creates fab ticket drawings for all non-standard parts and panels
    • Create installation drawings as requested
    • Complete shop drawing audits
  • Visualizing concepts in 3D
  • Reading blue prints and understanding architectural concepts
  • Utilizing analytic skills and attention to detail

Does a career as a Designer at Metal Design Systems appeal to you? To Apply please proceed to our Design Evaluation. Please allow approximately an hour for this assessment. After completing the Design Evaluation please proceed to our Project Details Assessment. Additionally, you will be required to upload your resume.

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