Project Manager

Project Managers at Metal Design Systems seek to ensure the successful completion of all projects assigned. This involves timely and accurate coordination and completion of all project tasks, maximizing profitability while focusing on the customer.

Detailed Responsibilities: 

  • Manage all customer communication with regards to the project.
  • Setting and maintaining the project schedules: such as milestones, releases and shipments.
  • Identify all materials and suppliers required for the project.
  • Review project specifications
  • Identify submittal requirements
  • Review shop drawings
  • Coordinate field dimensions, scan, and revisions with CAD
  • Review and reconcile budget concerns.
  • Monitor arrival of materials
  • Coordinate production release schedules
  • Blue print reading required

Does a career as a Project Manager at Metal Design Systems, Inc. appeal to you?  Please proceed to our PM Evaluation.  Please allow approximately an hour for this assessment.  Additionally, you will be required to upload your resume.

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