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Science of Spirituality Lisle, IL

Metal Design Systems, Inc. (MDSI) had the opportunity to work with a great team on the Science of Spirituality project in Lisle, IL. The proposed design of this project proved to be a challenge in both appearance and complexity. The original idea for the façade was GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), but the framing, weight, and intricate appearance forced a different solution. That is when MDSI had the opportunity to propose .125 aluminum panels using MDSI Series 72 Hook and Pin system. The approach for installation was to create 76 individual columns, from grade to coping that would be segmented around the radius of the building.

For this aesthetic to be achieved, MDSI provided the large vertical truss system behind the panels that had the exact angles necessary to create this complex design. The filigree pattern was supplied to us by the building owner. With the help of a strategic partner and the use of new state of the art equipment; we were able to cut the pattern into the upper panels. The aluminum was painted in two custom colors: light gold on the front panels, and dark gold for the backup panels that were placed behind the cut out pattern to create a multidimensional visual effect.

The complexity of this project showcases what MDSI can offer to challenging designs. We streamlined our process by fabricating a mock-up of the project that was constructed at our shop, by the installation company. This allowed them and our team to understand the challenges that would be present in the field and make adjustments so the field work would go smoothly. When the project was ready MDSI scanned the building which brought real data back for our design team to work efficiently and accurately. All in, the entire project had over 31,500 square feet of material provided by MDSI in 1,549 panels. We are very proud of the role we played on this great project/collaboration.

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