METAL DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC. is a national specialty metals fabricator based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We provide innovative engineered systems, as well as design and development resources to support your designs and creative concepts. We offer many unique and sustainable claddings to select from, such as ACM, Plate, Colored Stainless, Copper, Zinc, Phenolic Material, Fiber Cement and others.

Iowa Glass (Cedar Rapids)

Metal Design Systems Corporate, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Metal Design Systems is continuously incorporating new methodology into our systems to add innovative features and installation improvements in the field. Our systems perform to the highest industry

standards, as well as adding aesthetics to your building. We are environmentally responsible and our facility takes a forward, conscientious approach throughout the manufacturing process.

Guided by our cultural values of servant leadership, integrity, innovation and quality, we are committed to our customer’s success through imaginative products, adaptable services to enhance value, and mechanical solutions for innovative design concepts.

Metal Design Systems is honored to be featured in Metal Construction News Magazine, showcasing our unique approach in a potentially chaotic industry. Please read the article here.

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