NFPA 285

Metal Design Systems, Inc. has taken it upon our self to help make your next exterior wall assembly safe, code compliant, and aesthetically pleasing.  All of our resources are available for download on this page.

We recommend everyone read the first pdf.  It explains in more detail what we have accomplished, and our approach to this challenging part of designing and executing commercial buildings in the 21st century.

You will also find test reports, engineering summaries, and Specifications for the MDSI systems that are compliant.  These are all available to you, but should you need any assistance with this complex code, the contact form below will go directly to our NFPA 285 experts.

If you would like to see details for any of these systems that are code compliant, please click the LET’S TALK button at the bottom of the page.  Let us know what system(s) you would like to see and if you have a preference between pdf and dwg formats.   

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