Pressure Equalized Rainscreen – Series 20

Kinnick Stadium

Series 20 Detail Photo

University of Iowa
Kinnick Stadium
Scoreboard and Press Box

Series 20 has a full perimeter extrusion frame in each panel and utilizes shared clips to the wall structure. It is a mutli-directional progressively, installed rainscreen, which requires a fully flashed and sealed weather barrier. When completed, the system is very clean and attractive.

The Series 20 is a Pressure Equalized Rainscreen. It is a high performing, open joint (no caulk) panel system with minimal upkeep. It is architecturally pleasing and creates a crisp, fresh look for those seeking a unique exterior or interior appearance.


  • Maintenance free
  • High standard performance
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • No caulk- open joint

Performs to Standard Testing Criteria:

  • ASTM E 283 – Static Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E 331 – Static Water Infiltration
  • AAMA E 501 – Dynamic Water Infiltration
  • ASTM E 330 – Structural Design Loads (40psf)
  •  AAMA 508-14 – Pressure Equalized Rainscreen

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