The NEW MAX – LOCK™ Patent Pending system is a rain screen system that is easy to order and install.  It provides an exciting shingle look anywhere you would typically find MCM systems.  MAX – LOCK™ is available in 8 standard sizes which makes the ordering process very simple.  The field trimmed panels and extrusions make this series very straight forward.  This system can help achieve any aesthetic look with standard colors, custom colors, and even a mixture of colors available.  

This option is great for both small and large area coverage, and allows the MCM look at a cost effective rate.  It is a progressive install but the main key is working from the bottom to the top with the field trimmed panels and extrusions.  Watch our Install Guideline video for a simple walk through of how MAX – LOCK™ is installed.  


  • Performs to Testing Standards
  • Maintenance Free
  • Standard Product Sizes
  • No Field Measuring
  • Easy Install
  • Short Lead Times

Performs to Standard Testing Criteria:

  • ASTM E 283 – Static Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E 331 – Static Water Infiltration
  • AAMA 501 – Dynamic Water Infiltration
  • ASTM E 330 – Structural Design Loads (70psf)


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