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3D Scan, stairs MDSI

3D Scan, Stairs at Metal Design Systems Corporate

Exact+Site™ is the latest technology and supporting software of 3D laser scanning for field measuring and documenting existing conditions. Laser scanning is a safe, accurate, and quick method to measure fine details and complex geometries.

3D Model of R&R Chevrolet

Exact+Site 3D Model, R&R Chevrolet

Our equipment uses laser light to digitally capture the 3D shape and size of building components and surfaces to create “Point Clouds” of data. With the point cloud of the exact surfaces, we then model the building and fabricate the panels with accuracy to 1 mm. This precise collection of information is of immense value to design professionals in a CAD and BIM environment. Scan setting options include Colorized Point Cloud Layers (Original) or Photo Realistic (Now Available).

Completion of R&R Chevrolet

3D laser scanning technology with our proprietary software allows for more accurate data with a higher definition than traditional survey methods. This gives our clients from architects, general contractors, engineers, and subcontractors the ability to realize many benefits of having very precise information at their desktop.

The deliverables with this unique service include:

  • Navigation
  • Dimensioning
  • Video fly throughs
  • Documentation
  • Sales presentations
  • Material utilization
  • Floor plan development
  • Historical data documentation
  • Products applied to correct size / shape
  • Conflicts recognized prior to production
  • Costs determined

Please visit our videos page to see more about our Exact+Site™ service.

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