What does Metal Design Systems, Inc. do?

We are architectural specialists who design and fabricate wall & ceiling systems, glazed joint systems, canopies, column covers, corporate identities/signs, Rainscreen/rear ventilated systems, architectural accents, fabrications with architectural mesh, interior finishes, curtain wall in-fill panels, brake metal shapes, roof flashings/trims, roof panels and much more!

What types of materials are used in the listed applications?

We primarily use aluminum composite materials, as well as, aluminum and steel flat stock painted and anodized, mill finished, stainless steel, galvanized and galvaneal steel, copper and brass.

What is Aluminum Composite Material?

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) is composed of two thin sheets of aluminum continuously bonded under pressure to both sides of a thermoplastic core. Metal composite materials (MCM) are composed of two thin sheets of natural metal continuously bonded under pressure to both sides of the thermoplastic core.

What makes ACM superior?

Both ACM and MCM are economical and offer the superior flatness, rigidity and thermal stability of heavy gauge sheet metal. At the same time, they possess an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Both lightweight and flexible, they can be bent or curved in fabrication, making them ideal for exterior canopies, entryways, soffits, fascia bands, building cladding, modular building cladding, fixtures, and interiors. Finally, ACM has no glue line, delamination, skin blistering, or pimpleing.

Does Metal Design Systems, Inc. do custom or small projects?

We will review the customer’s needs and see if it fits within our capabilities. Yes, we do a wide variety of job sizes. Just call us!


How much does your product cost?

All projects differ upon the materials used, fabrication schedule and freight. A project manager will estimate the project and return a quote to the customer in a timely manner.

How soon do I get my order?

Metal Design Systems’ expedited schedule and staff can assist you with most time tables. We use progressive installation techniques which allows for last minute changes.

We can bring your design to life.
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