Build-A-Bear Workshop

Metal Design System’s relationship with Build-A-Bear Workshop has continued to progress.  We continue to develop options for their locations while maintaining the core brand that Build-A-Bear is recognized for.   The brand typically has the custom solution BEAR, designed by our team, utilizing Aluminum sheet construction with a unique inter-locking extrusion developed specifically for Build-A-Bear.  The storefront has a wood grain vinyl applied in house for the Build-A-Bear cut out, while a custom monitor box was installed for precision and simplicity in coordination.  A custom paint finish was applied for a consistent look.  There are a couple different areas that are Aluminum Composite Material and use the inter-locking extrusion as well.

With each location offering different challenges, we have met as a team to overcome them.  The changes continue to develop our approach to supply the best possible, consistent solution for our customer: Build-A-Bear Workshop.  As 2016 comes to a close Metal Design System’s will have completed 37 storefront locations. The pictures above are from a number of our completed sites.  Scroll through to see where each is located.  If your company has ideas for a new Facility Branding look do not hesitate to reach out to see what Metal Design Systems could potentially offer you and your look.

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