The new Volvo experience has been designed to start at the entry.  That is where SDA Architects & Designers developed the Volvo Portal.

Volvo Portal Model

They utilized a phenolic panel by FunderMax, with a faux wood finish.  Metal Design Systems, Inc. then stepped in and lent our expertise in creating the finished Portal product which we are exclusive on for Volvo dealerships.

The entry portal is a very warm and welcoming feature of the Volvo experience.  This custom product has specific shop drawings completed for each site by our team.  A big part of the design is the angled nose along the legs and across the top, as well as the fact that it is a concealed fastener product.  A custom LED lighting feature integrated into the portal enhances the streamline look.  The product went through final approval from Volvo here in Cedar Rapids, IA at our fabrication facility.

Volvo Gengras, North Haven, CT

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Lovering Volvo, Nashua, NH

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