Facility Branding Development

Metal Design Systems’ Facility Branding Division offers a complete, integrated system with turn-key operations, pre-fabricated components, lighting elements and full service project management to meet your branding needs. MDSI has been instrumental in creating solutions for consistency in branding from site to site, and is extremely effective in providing cost savings in materials and in program management over the life of the program. Below is a complete listing of our development services, which can vary in degrees depending on your requirements.

Woodland Plaza Nordstrom Rack (Tulsa)

Woodland Plaza Nordstrom Rack, Tulsa

Design Development of architect’s vision


  • Recommendations for means and methods
  • Details for all building conditions
  • System Customization
  • Material Maximization
  • Saving options
  • Provide Budget

DID Drawings for branding elements of cladding, components, lighting, and other various


  • Consistent communication for entire program
  • Cost savings through one-time engineering
  • One set of drawings for multiple trades
  • Efficient availability for permit drawings
  • Engineering for all of the United States and Canada

Budget / Procurement of cladding materials, lighting elements, signage, entry elements, and other brand components


  • Cost savings based on volume, for program materials or for program material quantities
  • Consistency for all locations
  • On-hand inventory stock levels for quick turn manufacturing
  • Firm budget numbers for life of program
  • Unitization of multiple components to reduce trade coordination on site.

Program Management of branding elements   

Billion Kia (Rapid City)

Billion Kia, Rapid City, South Dakota


  • Brand uniformity for each location
  • Single source  for manufacturing, signage, and installation
  • All project schedules managed for the program
  • Certified installation crews
  • Field questions managed in house quickly and efficiently

Manufacturing of complete façade branding items


  • Highest quality manufacturing craftsmanship
  • Coordination of all items manufactured and controlled according to branding standards
  • Distribution of multiple manufactured and procured items into one deliverable
  • Coordination with other fixture/component providers to provide shipments.

Site Installation of complete façade, lighting elements, entry components, and other brand items


  • Trained and professional installation team
  • Coordination of multiple elements
  • Single source responsibility
  • Simplified install methods for local installation
  • Standard pricing and region price stability

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