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Capitol Elementary Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Capitol Elementary

This design features silver ACM and our Series 40 System around the upper portions of the reading area of the building and on the large canopy over the bus stop and rotunda.

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Kirkwood Health Simulation Center Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kirkwood Health Simulation Center

Metal Design Systems Series 42 System was utilized on this project, with allowed for a smooth look between the interior and exterior designs, in complementary silver ACM with dark grey ACM finishes. This dark grey ACM then continues seamlessly to the interior.

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Piper High School Kansas City, Kansas

Piper High School

A custom purple ACM was created to match the school’s colors on this dramatic design. The Series 20 Rainscreen continues through to the interior hallway, which creates a clean and inviting appearance.

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Tulane University Hertz Center New Orleans, Louisiana

Tulane University Hertz Center

This 43,000 square foot practice facility features Metal Design Systems Series 70 wall panel system because of its ability to utilize multiple materials and its adjustability in the field.

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Kinnick Stadium Iowa City, Iowa

Kinnick Stadium

Metal Design Systems has worked on both Kinnick Stadium and the scoreboards, creating a beautiful look to this Iowa City landmark. These designs utilize both our Series 10 System and Series 20 Rainscreen, to create the design aesthetics.

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Kirkwood Hotel Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Kirkwood Hotel

This design called for Metal Design System’s Series 42 System in silver ACM panels on the façade, between the windows, the large drive under canopy as well as the interior ACM panels. The custom work in this design, such as the chandeliers, anodized panels allow placement for the manicured garden feature, rectangular tapered plant stands, and column covers, showcase the amazing work offered at our facility.

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Iowa State University Coover Hall Ames, Iowa

Iowa State University Coover Hall

This detailed design features both Series 20 and Series 60, which provide the solution for the mechanics. The Series 20 Rainscreen was utilized with silver ACM along the upper façade. A natural zinc material was chosen using the Series 60 System, allowing for the shingle appearance of the design.

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University of Iowa Transportation Building Iowa City, Iowa

University of Iowa Transportation Building

The U of I Transportation Building features custom Swiss Pearl Fiber Cement panels in three colors. MDSI Series 70 System incorporated grey ACM, and our Series 20 Rainscreen was utilized on the skywalk.

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Hutchinson Career and Technical Education Academy Hutchinson, Kansas

Hutchinson Career and Technical Education Academy

Metal Design Systems used three different product systems, which added a variety of textures in the same color palate, per the design. This included insulated panels, as well as wall and soffit panels.

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