Project Portfolio

367 W. Locust

In January of 2017 Metal Design Systems, Inc. completed a project with a new material to us: Nichiha Fiber Cement.  With this opportunity MDSI was able to supply everything exterior

on the building above the first floor, other than the balconies and the glass. MDSI used Series 42 giving the ACM a weather tight professional look.  The composite material is white and grey on the building while the Nichiha is white and black.

This unique project was Exact Site Laser Scanned multiple times.  This required our team to tie together the data from multiple trips to develop our shop drawings.  Our team also flawlessly integrated the Nichiha details into our shop drawings to provide our customer the information they needed to apply the material to the building.  Overall, Metal Design Systems was responsible for over 38,000 square feet of material on this job site.

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