Project Portfolio


Metal Design Systems worked alongside of Adidas and their design firm, TPG Architecture, to finalize and manufacture the new brand entry element of stores across North America. The new look features a stadium tunnel design for the Adidas store entrances, allowing customers to see the brand and experience the feel of entering the store as you would entering a game, complete with the roar of the crowd cheering . The challenges faced on the brand image  was to have this same entrance application fit many sizes for their varying store fronts while still keeping the branding element concept the same, and install in a very short timeframe.

Metal Design Systems developed an application which can be easily modified prior to manufacturing, allowing for the unique sites to be branded exactly the same each time. MDSI also developed a process to construct the panel sections together and wheel the final branding element into place for the complete installation. The Adidas store front branding elements are a beautifully finished aluminum sheet product with a fine black textured coating. They contain the branding stripes and Adidas signage with LED lighting, installed with inset speakers for the final effect. All the units are shipped from Metal Design fully contained and ready for installation.

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